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04/12/2020 – Natural Hazards Scenario Development Project EOI


The Natural Hazards Scenario Development Project intent is to develop credible scenarios across the prescribed hazards of Cyclone, Storm, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, and Collapse, as well as Land Search and Rescue and Marine Search and Rescue.  This project will be conducted in stages, with the first stage commencing in February 2021 through to end of April 2021.

The first stage will be focused on the hazards of Earthquake and Storm.  Two separate Working Groups will be formed, one for each hazard. We are looking for between 6-8 team members and 1 team leader per working group.  The Working Groups roles are essential to the success of this project, with key areas below:

• Working Group: The key to success of developing any scenario is the formation of an appropriate working group, who have the required skill-sets and underpinning knowledge within the areas of focus to contribute effectively to the project.

• Formalisation of Scenario Concept: It is essential that any scenario concept is formalized by the working group as key stakeholders in the achievements of the end output.

• Development of Scenario: Once the concept is formalized the scenario is to be developed using all knowledge and skills of the working group.

• Validation of Scenario: Key to the success of any scenario developed is its acceptance by the end-user. A method to ensure the product meets their needs is to validate the scenario through practice within a non-training environment prior to general release.

The intent of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to attract to the working groups the most applicable personnel with relevant skill sets. Those that can offer the most skill and experience within the prescribed hazard that will be able to use this knowledge and understanding to develop credible scenarios for future use will be most valued.

Are you interested in assisting? If so, now is the time to express your interest to join this exciting project.

This is an official Department of Fire and Emergency Services expression of interest online form. For any queries about authenticity, contact District Officer Brad Slater


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