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16/11/2020 – Survey of radio equipment

Survey of Radio Equipment

The Communication Support Unit (CSU) would like to find out what radio equipment is held (whether used or not) in all SES Units around the State. Although good records are kept of radios issued, there is no central record at present of masts and antennas and particularly what condition they are in and how regularly they are used. Many Units have equipment, but the members with the knowledge may have moved on, and new members may not have been able to be fully trained in its use.

It has been proposed that CSU training teams will travel to some of the more remote parts of the state in the coming months to conduct essential training in the use of all manner of radio gear, so this survey is the first step in finding out what is out there, what needs servicing or replacing, as well as ascertaining how much training is required.

Please fill in the survey from this link: if you have any queries please contact manager@csu­


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