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09/11/2020 – City of Karratha Rapport with Karratha SES

City of Karratha Rapport with Karratha SES

Karratha State Emergency Services has a very good working rapport with the Shire of Roebourne/City of Karratha for over two decades which has been very beneficial for our operational and day-to-day preparedness. 

This rapport extends from the Mayor and the CEO through to the LGGS administration, workshop and depot teams.  It has seen an excellent response to our requirements in a very timely manner. The City’s teams have a great understanding of the importance  of ensuring the urgent nature of maintenance and service requests in respect to Karratha SES’s plant, equipment and building maintenance, ensuring that Karratha SES’s response capabilities within the communities within the City of Karratha are not hindered unduly.

One such recent situation occurred during Red Alert for Tropical Cyclone Damien where upon arrival at Unit HQ on the Sunday at 6.00am there was no power to various operational rooms. Within half an hour of logging the call with the City’s building maintenance team there was an electrician onsite undertaking urgent repairs to ensure we could provide continuity of service to our community members.

The City’s workshop staff have been very accommodating when it comes to vehicle servicing especially for our Road Accident Rescue truck. They have a great understanding that this vehicle is a priority one response vehicle and as such will coordinate all servicing to minimise the down time for this vehicle by way of ensuring all service components are in stock or undertake such servicing at Unit HQ dependent upon the servicing requirements.

Several grant submissions have been successfully processed by the City’s Community Service team.  They been very supportive with financial assistance over many years which has been very much appreciated by members of the Karratha SES.  The LGGS administration by the City has been proficiently handled since the introduction of this scheme in July 2003 with the great support of Mike Booth and Craig Watts.

With a recent restructure within the City, Jerom Hurley was assigned to coordinate this administration in his role Manager Approvals and Compliance.  This compounded his workload as the LGGS administration included the Karratha and Roebourne District SES units, the Point Samson and Nickol Bay BFB’s.  The City has recently appointed an Engagement Officer – Industry and Emergency Services who will take on the administration and we look forward to building a rapport with Samantha.

Trevor Patton ESM – Local Manager Karratha SES Unit

Trevor Patton ESM Local Manager Karratha SES Unit


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