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06/11/2020 – Presidents report November 2020

Welcome and it’s so great to see spring arrive !

So, the seasons are changing and sympathies to the hay fever suffers amongst us.  Yes, I am one of those occasionally, and my occasion was greatly assisted by working in Kojonup for a few days while the local farmers cut hay. Strange things happened to the eyes and sinuses. Never mind, a little boo hoo for me.  These seasonal changes expand on our remarkable SES flexibility.

We will again demonstrate our capability to manage the summer storm, the coming northern wet season and the assistance that will be required for the coming fire season. It’s so great to serve in Orange because of the diversity of skills required to support our respective community needs.  Recently, your SES Volunteer Association held a team and leadership workshop in Perth. It was wonderful to see some returning faces and some new committee members coming to learn about our role as an advocate for all SES Volunteers. So, as we make planned and gradual changes to the way we work with you, we need to lead the development of our committee.

The key for us is to listen, question, confirm and then act.  The benefits are beginning to be acknowledged by SES Units that have not readily engaged with us in the past.  It is amazing how mutually aligned we are when we openly communicate and focus on the many common goals. I openly acknowledge as well that the SESVA, in some peoples, eyes are still not what you think we should be, so that is why we are making and taking large steps for all of us to meet half way. Meeting in the middle is a great place to see mutual viewpoints.

This months newsletter contains many, and varied, pieces of information. I hope as we build for the festive season, that our messages of preparation are not just for our communities, but also for the love and care for all our families.

Please take care and we look forward to chatting shortly.

Greg Cook


Greg Cook SESVA President
Logo Trimmed Jan 2020


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