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28/10/2020 – News from Kalbarri SES October 2020

Kalbarri SES News


Land Search at Mount Augustus:

On Saturday October 17 Kalbarri SES received a request to supply staff to assist with a land search at Mount Augustus approximately 700km North east of Kalbarri. At first light on Sunday morning 3 Kalbarri volunteers flew out from Kalbarri Airport along with search and communications equipment. On arrival at the search location it was established that a 74 year old female had left for a 20 minute walk along the Mount Augustus walk trail at 12.30pm on Saturday afternoon and had failed to return to the car park. A full scale land search was established and this resulted in the missing person being located alive and well 27 hours after going missing.

The Kalbarri volunteers flew back to town arriving at the airstrip at 5.30pm after a long and arduous day. All were thankful that this search ended well as over the last few months Kalbarri volunteers have been involved in searches at Mount Augustus in which 3 persons perished!

Casualty evacuation from Natures Window:

On Monday October 26, Kalbarri SES received a call to assist with a casual at Natures Window in Kalbarri National Park. 4 Volunteers attended along with Parks and Wildlife officers and established that a 81 year old female had walked from the carpark to Natures Window where she had fallen, striking her head on the ground. First aid was commenced and the casualty was secured in a litter and conveyed to St John Ambulance in the car park using the “mule” single wheeled stretcher bearer.

Another successful rescue highlighting the close working relationship between SES, Parks and Wildlife and St John Ambulance.

Minister for Emergency Services visit:

On Sunday October 25, The Minister for Emergency Services, the Honourable Fran LOGAN made a flying visit to Kalbarri along with DFES Commissioner KLEMM, and District Superintendent Craig SMITH. A presentation was held at the DFES building with SES, Fire and Rescue and Marine Rescue volunteers attending. The Minister and Commissioner both congratulated all Kalbarri emergency services volunteers for their service to the local community.


Training this month has included an off road appraisal of new Isuzu D-Max vehicles that under consideration for use by SES units. If anyone noticed several SES vehicles bogged on Wittecarrra Beach we can assure you that this was deliberate in an attempt to put these vehicles through their paces in real conditions.

We have also done much work in developing our radio communications networks to cover several identified blackspots in the gorges where many of our operations occur.

Sadly we lost our long serving and very skilled communications officer, Gary McDonald, who has moved to Mandurah. Gary’s skills and sense of humour will be sadly missed by all. We wish Gary and Sue all the best in their new adventures.





off road appraisal of new Isuzu D-Max vehicles
off road appraisal of new Isuzu D-Max vehicles


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