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30/09/2020 – Kalbarri SES News September 2020

Kalbarri SES September 2020

Kalbarri SES September 2020 report:


At 1230 pm on Saturday September 12, Kalbarri SES received a call for assistance to assist and injured hiker at Four Ways Gorge in the Kalbarri National Park. 9 local SES volunteers attended along with a Fire and Rescue Volunteer and DPAW staff. On arrival it was ascertained that a 45 year old female had injured her ankle in the gorge at the base of the access track. We provided first aid and secured the casualty in a stretcher. The terrain at this location is steep and rocky so we utilised a strategy of passing the casualty up the steep ascent from one team to another leapfrogging all the way. Once we reached the vehicle track at the top of the gorge she was placed on a utility and slowly driven to the waiting Saint John Ambulance Crew on the bitumen road for transport to the Medical Centre. Another example of a great response and effort by all local emergency services!

A few days after the incident the casualty and her husband attended SES training to personally thank everyone for their efforts. She confirmed that her ankle was in fact broken and she would be receiving ongoing treatment.


We have had several training events over the past month.  In late August local volunteers attended Geraldton for off road driving and vehicle recovery courses, some as students and others as trainers.

In September Kalbarri SES hosted a Rope Rescue Systems Course for participants from around the Mid West/ Gascoyne. This course equips students with the skills to set up and operate the rope systems used in vertical rescues.


Rescue Training
Rescue Training


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