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30/06/2020 – News from Kalbarri SES

Kalbarri SES June 2020 report:


Storm Damage

On Monday June 22, Kalbarri was hit by extremely heavy rain late in the afternoon with reports of up to 32 mm being recorded over a short period. During the height of the deluge a call was received to assist with roof damage to a house in Gallant Close, Kalbarri. Upon attending it was ascertained that the front and rear patios and a large area of corrugated iron roof had been torn off of the house and several brick supporting columns compromised. One patio had been carried over the house and was deposited in a neighbours yard against their home. Witness accounts and the amount of damaged trees, patios and fences in the area suggest that a water spout or mini typhoon, had come over the ocean to Blue Holes where it continued across Red Bluff Road before wreaking havoc in the built up area. The damage caused speaks volumes as to the power of this freak weather event.

Due to the rainy conditions, water was entering the house causing damage to the interior. Kalbarri SES volunteers secured the loose debris and then used tarpaulins to cover the exposed roof areas and prevent further damage. This work was carried out in poor weather conditions and darkness utilising a roof safety system to protect team members from injury.

The following morning the team re-attended and fine tuned the previous nights repairs in daylight.

After the storm of May 24 this is the second incident of stem damage that we have attended in a month. We have well and truly utilised all the storm damage skills that we have practised for such events.



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