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29/06/2020 – General Rescue Course

A training issue that has been of great concern to many SES Trainer/Assessors has been the lack of a followup package to complete our General Rescue training.

For many years there has been a large gap in our training compared to our Eastern States brothers & sisters, ever since the General Rescue package was replaced with  Basic General Rescue.

The additional package which was supposed to have been produced to complete our training has never arrived.

Following many years of asking for the additional package, we can now report we have
received the following information from DFES:

“We have been advised that the General Rescue followup package is currently scheduled to be progressed next after the Local manager and Training Manger courses.

Both of these courses are currently being progressed and work on the General Rescue
package will begin when these are complete.

It is likely that this will be towards the end of this year.”

Watch this space as we will keep you informed of progress.


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