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15/06/2020 – Mandurah SES Group of 8

The Mandurah SES unit was originally formed in 1978 and continues to provide support in the community for both operational responses and requests for help by community groups. 

Over a number of years different members have received awards such as the Youth Achiever Award, the Peter Keillor award and awards under the Australian Honours and Awards system.  SES Volunteer, the then Local Manager, Neil Davidson was honoured in 1997 with an OAM (Member of the Order of Australia) for his services to the Emergency Services in WA.

There are seven current members and one past member of the Mandurah SES Unit who have been awarded the Emergency Service Medal (ESM) by the Governor General of Australia, in recognition of their distinguished service as a member of an Australian emergency service.

The Mandurah/Murray May Day Club donated a shield to have the SES Volunteer names engraved on to retain this part of the history of the Mandurah SES unit.

The group of eight are Chris Stickland (2005), Phillip Petersen (2005), Paul Dwyer (2008), Will Norris (2012), Phil Bresser (2017), Gordon Hall (2018), Phil Rance (2019) and David Price (2020)

Mandurah SES Group of 8
Inset – Phillip Petersen ESM (1953 – 2019). Back row; Paul Dwyer ESM, Gordon Hall ESM, Phil Rance ESM, Phil Bresser ESM. Front row; Chris Stickland ESM, David Price ESM, Will Norris ESM


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