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26/02/2020 – Storm RFA Thanks

I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to a group of SES Personnel who attended our place in the aftermath of the above-mentioned storm. They had responded to a call from our neighbours who had a broken window occasioned by part of our fence being knocked over.  We have a massive Camphor Laurel (or had) in our back yard which was here when we moved into this house over fifty years ago. When the storm came through, either wind or lightening took half of the tree out. There was debris spread over our roof and down the driveway, onto the footpath and road. It was as if the tree had exploded.

The crew asked us to register a callout and they willingly got to work clearing up some of the worst debris. They were amazed at the size of the branches which ended up on the roof of our house. On the way through, the branches damaged our pergola as well and the chimney of our fireplace.

We would like to thank those people who work tirelessly in a voluntary capacity. It follows that the work is often dangerous as well because of the situations to which you respond. I would like to thank that crew and for you to let them know we passed on our appreciation. They worked with such good grace as well. It was a pleasure to have them on our property.


Ray and Tess Flynn



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