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12/02/2020 – Northam District SES Great Spaghetti Challenge

Northam District State Emergency Service Training for 2020 commenced in earnest on the 3rd February.

Attended by an enthusiastic group of members, all eager to start the New Year with a vengeance and expecting to get straight into skills maintenance.  After a welcome back discussion by the LM and clearing up some minor admin and policies reviews it was handed over to the Training Manager, Sarge Bottacin.  Sarge started with a discussion on the overall plan for training in 2020 and made comment that as we are all fresh and eager we would participate in some hands-on activities.

So the question asked by all was what are we doing? BGR, Search, Storm, sand bagging or Ops etc. All went silent, jaws dropped, when Sarge brought out the spaghetti, marshmallows, bits wood, flat head nails, string and some rope, and when Sarge made a quick comment about bondage all broke into laughter.   When explained to all about team building activities all then fell into place. The only down fall was the marshmallows and spaghetti weren’t to be eaten but used in an activity.

A nice way for some light training to welcome all back to a new training year.

Photos Teams compete in the spaghetti tower challenge


Photo Curtesy Jay Woodgate NDSES Member


Photo Curtesy Jay Woodgate NDSES Member


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