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18/11/2019 – Mundaring SES Tetris Challenge 2019

Our Tetris challenge started on Facebook with a goal to get 100 likes on our post and the Mundaring SES would take part in the Tetris Challenge for 2019. The Tetris Challenge consists of taking out every item from your vehicle and trailer and laying it out like a game of tetris and taking a photo so show it all. 

It took 2 days and we had our challenge set by our community, we booked in a Saturday with some members and hit the ground running. It only took around an hour to carefully lay out all the items, we moved some things around and took some practice shots with the drone (We had no idea how to use it!).

Getting the troopy and trailer straight was the hardest part of the day! Eventually we got there and we stood back and waited for the sun to hit the right spot! So during the hottest part of the day on the hottest day in November on record, 5 of our members and 2 borrowed children (Thanks to our Unit Manager and Team 1 Leader) we laid down and took as many photos as possible before we all fried!.

Our photo came our spectacular and it really highlights the amount of items that the Mundaring unit take out with them on every call out. The photo was a hit on Facebook and our community were blown away by our haul. The feedback we received has all been positive and has given our little unit the boost it needed in regards to

Mundaring SES Tetris Challenge 2019


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