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03/09/2019 – SES Volunteers at AFAC 2019

SES Volunteers at AFAC19

A number of SES Volunteers attended AFAC in Melbourne during August.

Sarah Hamilton and Jane Hamilton attended and were able to see first hand a large range of emergency equipment. Their last day included a presentation about the Scout – SES badge, how it came about and where it is going. This presentation at DRANZSEN was well received by many people from the school education network.

The 2018 Peter Keillor Awardee (SES) Stephen Faulkner, attended all the events and was seen many times checking out the equipment in the trade display.

From the SESVA was President Gordon Hall ESM, Vice President David Worth, Secretary Lin Booth and Treasurer Robbie Palmer. This contingent was very busy attending the different sessions and supporting those presented by DFES staff or the NSESVA.

A presentation on “Women in the SES”, looking at the percentages of women and show casing some SES Volunteers and their great work across the country, was delivered by Dr Faye Bendrups, NSESVA Deputy Chair and Gordon Hall ESM, NSESVA Chair. Faye and Gordon finished the presentation by challenging the services to meet 40% of women by 2025. Their 40/40/20 rule meant 40% female, 40% male and the other 20% from any gender group or non-binary identification.

Sarah Hamilton from the Belmont Victoria Park Unit  giving her presentation




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