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11/02/2019 – Duxton Forum an Update on the Outcomes

The SES Duxton Forum Update

An Update on the Outcomes

Over the past five years there have been many issues raised with DFES that affect the SES Volunteers and the roles they carry out.
Most of these issues were represented to DFES by the SES units through their Regional Offices or by the SESVA direct to DFES staff.
Many issues were resolved whilst others took years or got bogged down and had fallen off the radar.

During a meeting in October with the Minister for Emergency Services, the Minister advised the SESVA that he has decided that DFES will have a forum of all SES leaders in December (2018).

The date was set for 2/3 December and DFES, with assistance from the SESVA, put a forum together. More than 1 00 SES Volunteers and DFES staff attended the forum held at the Duxton Hotel in Perth.

Churchill Consulting facilitated the forum using certain themes to flush out many of the issues that SES Volunteers and their units are dealing with on a weekly basis. A report on the Duxton Forum was sent to all participants and the SESVA on 30 January.  There are many issues in the 153 page “Summary of SES Volunteers Forum Outcomes” report.

DFES have decided that there will be a number of working groups supported by
SES District Officers;
1 . Reduce administration workload
2. Process optimisation
3. Role clarity and communication effectiveness
4. Local government engagement
5. SES branding and recruitment support
6. Training and careers development
7. Training delivery
8. SES and cross-service collaboration