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30/11/2018 – SES Forum 2018 Update

2018 State Emergency Service Forum

This Forum is your one chance to be able to say and air your concerns regarding the future of the State Emergency Service.


At a meeting with the Minister for Emergency Services on 30 October, the SESVA were very strongly told that the SES were not getting a Chief Officer and were to be integrated in DFES.  Of the eight jurisdictions in Australia, seven have a Chief Officer of the SES.  Western Australia is the only jurisdiction in Australia without a Chief Officer.

The SES was integrated as a distinct Service and clear Division into FESA on 1 January 1 999.  Over the past eight years the SES has gradually been eroded away to a Volunteer Service where DFES has a general responsibility by staff who in a number of cases have no understanding, no empathy and questionable interest of the role and requirements of the SES Volunteers. (this is evidenced by the continual issues that units and Volunteers request the SESVA to assist with).  Since then the SES has gone into a marked decline – from 2500 Volunteers eight years ago to 1902 today.

We believe that for the forum to be successful, DFES must be Open and Honest and to genuinely listen to the concerns of the SES Volunteers and act to get the State Emergency Service back on track to be a vibrant and well respected service throughout Western Australian.

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