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31/08/2018 – News from Kalbarri SES

Kalbarri SES August 2018 report:

After a quiet July, August saw Kalbarri SES volunteers busy with operations, training and community events.

Operations attended in August 2018:

On Saturday August 5 a prospector was reported missing north east of Cue and a search was organised for Sunday August 6. The call was received by Kalbarri SES at 10.30 p.m on Saturday and at 7.00am on Sunday 4 volunteers an 2 vehicles set off for the 520km drive to Cue. Upon arriving at Cue, just after midday, we were informed that he had been located alive and well.  After refuelling the vehicles and volunteers at Cue we turned around and drove back to Kalbarri arriving home after dark. A long and gruelling day for us but a good result for the missing prospector.


Kalbarri SES hosted a 4WD course over 3 days on August 11th to 13th. This involved a morning of theory at the Kalbarri SES Headquarters followed by two days and nights camping out on Murchison House Station. Students were exposed to driving in all off road conditions including rocks, water, sand and mud. They also learned how to recover vehicles from various situations. 8 students including 2 local volunteers successfully completed the course. 8 Kalbarri volunteers assisted with delivery of the course and logistics. Many thanks go to Callum from Murchison House Station for allowing the use of his facilities for the course.

On Sunday August 19 Kalbarri SES conducted rope training at the Coastal Cliffs. 8 volunteers set up rope systems and abseiled from Natural Bridge and Island Point lookouts and collected rubbish from the ledges below the lookouts. A large amount of stuff was retrieved and we brushed up on our rope skills at the same time.

On Monday August 27 we conducted night rope training at the Z Bend in Kalbarri National Park. 9 volunteers attended and practiced descending and ascending in low light conditions.

Community Engagement:

On Thursday August 9, Kalbarri SES volunteers along with local community members, emergency services personnel. Telstra representatives and others attended a dedication ceremony at the new Telstra Communications Tower in Kalbarri National Park. This tower was erected after our ex SES deputy manager Mac HOLT canvassed for improved communications in the national park to improve safety of visitors and improve emergency response to incidents. The site has now been officially named after Mac who attended the ceremony along with his family.

Night training at the Z Bend

Mac Holt recognised for canvassing for improved communication in the Kalbarri National Park


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