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30/07/2018 – SESVA Newsletter August 2018

SESVA Newsletter August 2018
The newsletter has important information for SES Volunteers in WA including:

  • DFES Says NO to SES Chief Officer In a letter to the SESVA dated 28 June Commissioner Klemm has refused to support a Chief Officer for the SES. This is very interesting, as all other States and Territories have a Chief Officer.  These meet on a regular basis as part of the Australian Council of SES’s and discuss many strategic matters of common interest, including training.  WA is not a part of that group, which is very disappointing.  Experience over the past years has shown that many of the issues that are bought to the Association by Volunteers and DFES, is due to a lack of understanding and empathy of the SES and the legislation that applies to the SES Volunteers, or how they should be treated.  No one individual can represent all DFES Services at both the tactical and strategic level, given the differences in Acts, Regulations, Operational Doctrine and Training.
  • SES Numbers falling
  • AFAC
  • Issue Management
  • Future Dress Uniform
  • SES Merchandise
  • SESVA Elections
  • Volunteer Fuel Card

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