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09/04/2018 – News from Kalbarri SES

Kalbarri SES April 2018 report:

March 2018 saw Kalbarri SES volunteers busy with training and several jobs. With only 3 months of the year gone we have attended mare incidents than for the whole of 2017 and we expect that with new attractions and increasing tourist numbers visiting the area this trend will continue.

Operations attended in March 2018:

Northampton Storm:

On Sunday March 4th Kalbarri SES received a call to assist with storm damage in Northampton Townsite. On a hot 40’ fine day a freak storm hit the town at about 2.30pm with strong winds causing a swathe of damage north of the CBH bins and south of Stephen Street.  Heavy rain caused minor flooding while 6 properties received damage to roofs including one roof being totally removed by the strong winds. 5 volunteers in 2 teams attended from Kalbarri SES along with 7 volunteers in 2 teams from Geraldton SES. A Kalbarri team worked for several hours to secure the premises with the missing roof utilising tarpaulins and rope to completely cover it while the other teams attended to the smaller jobs. Volunteers returned to Kalbarri at 8.30 that night after a hard afternoons work and a long drive home with included a collision with a kangaroo.

Kalbarri SES are well trained and equipped to deal with storm damage incidents with appropriate tools, stores and equipment for 2 teams ready to deploy immediately a request for assistance is received.

Vehicle recovery Kalbarri Road, Kalbarri National Park.

On March 11th, DFES Communications Centre received several calls reporting a vehicle in trouble at Ross Graham Lookout in Kalbarri National Park. Details about the problem being encountered and location of the vehicle were vague and as a result a team of 3 volunteers from Kalbarri SES responded to locate the vehicle and render any assistance required. On reaching the turnoff to Ross Graham Gorge volunteers located a large camper van that had pulled off the main road across the hard shoulder and about 6 meters into very soft dust and sand. It become hopelessly bogged. Attempts by passing motorists to move the vehicle using snatch straps had failed. SES volunteers were able to utilise their vehicle winch and recovery tracks to move the vehicle onto solid ground. The occupants, tourists from Germany were then able to continue on their trip to Denham with no damage having been done to the camper van.

Damaged house Northhampton

Badly damaged house


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