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31/07/2017 – News from Kalbarri SES

Kalbarri SES August 2017 report:

Operations attended in July 2017:

Rescue at Red Bluff:

At 5.40pm on 04/07/17 8 Kalbarri SES volunteers attended in company with Saint John Ambulance, Police and Kalbarri Volunteer Fire Service, 600 metres south of Red Bluff Beach carpark, where a tourist had fallen several meters from the rocks into a ravine. She was retrieved from the ravine and immobilised as a spinal injury was suspected. Volunteers then carried her over the rocks to the car park where she was handed over to Ambulance staff and conveyed for medical attention.

Missing Person Search at Ella Valla Station:

On the morning of 17/07/2017 Kalbarri SES volunteers were placed on standby to attend a search for a missing woman at Ella Valla Station about 60km south east of Carnarvon, after her vehicle became bogged and she left it looking for assistance. She had been wandering lost in the scrub for several days. Kalbarri volunteers deployed at 6.00 am on Tuesday 18/07/2017 and travelled 400km to Ella Valla where they spent the day searching tracks and scrub along with volunteers from Carnarvon and Geraldton, Police and station workers. The missing woman was located just before sunset by SES patrols and was evacuated for medical assessment. Kalbarri SES members camped overnight at the station before returning home to families and work on Wednesday. This is a timely reminder to anyone who becomes stranded in a vehicle to remain with the vehicle until help arrives.

Bogged Vehicle recovery at Wittecarra Creek:

On 24/07/2017 a BMW four wheel drive vehicle became bogged on the beach at Wittecarra Creek to the point where it was buried to the floor pan. Kalbarri SES was called and 2 volunteers attended and had the vehicle on hard ground within a short time. This is a fairly common occurrence on beaches and bushland in the Kalbarri area. It is recommended that prior to operating in off road conditions, drivers undertake a four wheel drive course and understand and utilise techniques such as engaging low range four wheel drive, lowering tyre pressures, assessing the suitability of the terrain and carrying appropriate recovery gear such as air compressor, recovery tracks, shovel and snatch strap.

Once again Kalbarri SES volunteers have shown a great response to calls for assistance and have worked proactively with our emergency services partners to assist in resolving emergency situations.


Kalbarri SES volunteers have attended the following training courses over the last month:

Single Rope Rescue:

On 21, 22, & 23/07/2017 a Single Rope Rescue training course was held at Kalbarri SES. The course hosted volunteers from Kalbarri, Carnarvon and Eneabba and consisted of theory lessons on rope rescue equipment and techniques followed by practical application on the climbing and descending tower at the unit headquarters. Some of the techniques practised included descending, ascending, changing ropes during a descent and one on one rescues.
On Sunday the course moved to Hawks Head Gorge in the Kalbarri National Park where the training was put to practice with students conducting simulated rescues in the natural environment. The Kalbarri unit now has three further rope rescue qualified volunteers, a very important skill base to have in the local area where cliffs and gorges abound.

Fortnightly Training Nights:

Regular training is an important component of all SES units. Due to the diverse situations that volunteers attend and the wide range of equipment used members need to be up to date with information and skills.

Training includes topics such as life support, navigation, rescue techniques, ropes and knots, cliff rescue, storm damage, flood operations, flood boats, searches, communications and numerous other tasks. Volunteers also learn to use and maintain a large range of equipment from vehicles and boats to chainsaws and ropes. Volunteers are also currently involved in restoring 2 all terrain vehicles with the intention of using them operationally in the near future.

Some pictures from Kalbarri SES showing various activities


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