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03/07/2017 – Northam SES Training News

Forensic training for local SES
Northam State Emergency Service (SES) recently received forensics training by the WA Police, with a focus on searching skills. Northam SES are often called to help with police searches:

  • Searches are not always looking for missing persons but also include:
  • Search for objects
  • Scene protection and preservation
  • Safety to public
  • Composition of search teams.
  • Forensic
  • Safety in searches

The session was conducted with the help of Northam Police Senior Constable Danelle Fricker who works as an forensic investigation officer in the Wheatbelt District.

Northam SES train fortnightly and are always looking for new members, enquiries can be made by contracting the unit’s Local Manager, Sarge Bottacin on 0407 112 436

Some pictures taken during the training sessions


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