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18/05/2017 – Warwick Land Search

The Warwick Open Space Search
On Tuesday morning DFES received a request to assist the police in a search for a missing male person.  The SES were tasked with a search to cover the Warwick Open Space area near Beach, Warwick and Wanneroo roads as this was in close proximity to where the missing person’s car had been located.

41 SES personnel were activated to undertake land search, on foot and utilising an ATU.  The Divisional ‘Commander (FSC) was SES Volunteer Graham Fixter.  Searching was through gently undulating terrain and varying thickness of bushland intersected by a network of tracks. The searching continued for a number of hours before being suspended by the police as there were a number of probable sightings which need to be investigated further.

The SES volunteers were able to contribute to the search in a positive way through the confirmation that the missing person was not in the areas searched and therefore eliminating them from the area of concern.  Volunteers came from a number of units including Wanneroo, Stirling, Belmont, Canning and the CSU.

The picture below shows the Stirling SES all women team!


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