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26/04/2017 – News from Kalbarri SES

Kalbarri SES May 2017 report:

Operations attended in April-May 2017
Kalbarri SES has been busy over the last few months. Following a search for a missing Kayaker in early May, volunteers have attended 2 further major incidents.

Lucky Bay Quad Bike Accident:

Two girls riding a quad bike on the sand dunes at Lucky Bay careered over a razor back sand dune resulting in a heavy impact landing at the bottom with both girls sustaining serious injuries. Bizarrely moments later another biker following the same tracks careered over the same spot, joining the girls at the bottom of the sandhill and also sustaining serious injuries. Kalbarri SES was activated to assist in getting medical staff and equipment into the crash scene as it was only accessible by 4WD vehicles. SES volunteers helped to render trauma aid and organise the extraction of the three injured riders back to waiting ambulances.

Zuytdorp Cliff Rescue:

At midday on Good Friday Kalbarri SES received a call for assistance to rescue a casualty from the base of cliffs 7 km north of the vermin proof fence at Zuytdorp cliffs. 10 volunteers responded and within 30 minutes 2 Landcruisers, a trailer full of rescue equipment and 9 volunteers left Kalbarri for a two hour trip across country to the incident location while one volunteer remained at the base to maintain communications and liaison. On arrival it was established that a 35 year old male had been checking cray pots from the rocks and had been hit by a wave causing severe injuries to his left leg and knee. The casualty was immobilised on the beach and required moving to the cliff tops for evacuation. A SES team set up a Larkin Frame and rope rescue system at the cliff top while another SES team placed the casualty in a stretcher and with assistance from a SJA Paramedic and members of the public carried him 150 meters over extremely steep, rough ground to the cliff base. He was then raised to the top of the cliff where he was transferred to the waiting 4WD Ambulance for treatment before being conveyed to hospital.

Both of these operations highlight the great working relationship between Kalbarri Police, St Johns Ambulance and SES.

Kalbarri SES volunteers have attended the following training courses over the last 3 months:

Chain Saw Operation:
This equips volunteers to use chainsaws during storm damage operations
Field Equipment Communications:
Establishing and maintaining radio communications outside of normal areas of coverage.
Provide First Aid:
4 Volunteers completed St John Ambulance first aid training

Fortnightly training: Regular training is an important component of all SES units. Due to the diverse situations that volunteers attend and the wide range of equipment used members need to be up to date with information and skills.  Training includes topics such as life support, navigation, rescue techniques, ropes and knots, cliff rescue, storm damage, flood operations, flood boats, searches, communications and numerous other tasks. Volunteers also learn to use and maintain a large range of equipment from vehicles and boats to chainsaws and ropes.

Kalbarri SES holds training at Unit headquarters every 2nd Monday from 1845hrs to 2100hrs. The training is interactive with volunteers responding to various scenarios and developing and practising various responses. All training is accredited and provided at no financial cost to volunteers.

Canoe and Cray Carnival 2017:

As in previous years, Kalbarri SES will play a role in the annual Canoe and Cray Carnival to be held in Kalbarri on June 3rd and 4th 2017 helping with organisation, safety and pirate entertainment. We are keen to make this event a huge success but could always more help, so if you are kicking up your heels looking for something to do, give us a call.

Pictures from recent operations