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15/02/2017 – Cadets – Junior First Aid training

Junior Cadets – Junior First Aid training

Consultation with Brigades, Groups, Units (BGUs), Volunteer Associations and DFES Operational Staff has identified a range of training opportunities to assist young peoples’ skills and leadership development in emergency services volunteering.    DFES will be hosting a number of training workshops and opportunities on a trial basis for registered BGU based junior cadets  including regional centres where available.

The DFES Sponsored Youth Programs training calendar will begin with a Junior First Aid Training course on Saturday 25 March 2017 at the DFES Complex, 20 Stockton Bend, Cockburn for junior cadets 12 to 14 years of age.    The aim of the course is to provide junior cadets with fundamental first aid skills. This course includes hands on activities and learning about how to respond to situations they may face from day-to-day. Junior first aid training covers emergency response, calling an ambulance, CPR, bandaging for bleeds, burns, breaks, bites, stings and the use and make up of a first aid kit.

Costs of the workshop will be paid by DFES. 

Please see your Cadet leader for further information and an application form. Applications close 17th March 2017.


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