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01/02/2017 – Bunnings BBQ 2017

Bunnings Great Aussie BBQ 2017

The Bunnings Great Aussie BBQ over the Australia Day long weekend was once again a great success and the early indication by some units of the funds raised is very impressive.  More than $73,000 was raised by all emergency groups in WA from the Aussie Day BBQ. Nationally over $500,000 was raised and contributed to all services!  Although it was a hot day in WA it was seen as a great day for both fund raising and engaging with the public on what the SES Volunteers do.

Some Bunnings stores had Bunnings Head Office staff involved in the cooking and serving which greatly assisted the SES Volunteers. What a commitment by Bunnings people!  A number of committee members visited the stores both in the metropolitan and country areas.  In the metropolitan area we were able to take a number of photographs of the SES Volunteers, and emergency service cadets in action interacting with the public as well as cooking and serving the bangers.

Many units had equipment on display including the CSU with their FOV, Armadale with their truck and a separate display, Rockingham with their ATU and Mandurah with games for the public, a larking frame and stretcher as well as the three “Dog” mascots walking around and interacting with the kids in the store.  When the figures for the funds raised become available we will let the units and the SESVA Treasurer John Capes, will provide the detailed information to all SES Units involved.

Please note that every cent raised for the SES Units, based on each store that an SES Unit was involved in, goes to that SES Unit.

Please see photographs below which are in random order and just a sample of the pictures taken on day.

Thank you all for your participation in this Fundraising event. 

Gordon Hall
SESVA President



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