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06/12/2016 – Mandurah SES Awards

Mandurah SES Unit Does Well
On Thursday 1 December the Mandurah SES Unit conducted its annual awards night.  The work of many Volunteers was acknowledged that night and in particular the SES Cadets.  During the nights proceedings, the SESVA President, Gordon Hall, acknowledged the phenomenal amount of work the SES Volunteers and cadets have put into the Unit over the past forty years.  Gordon also acknowledged the dedication over many years and the work put in by Local Manager Chris Stickland and his team in getting the cadets to the level they are today.  Gordon presented the unit with a plaque celebrating their forty years and acknowledging the amount of assistance and work the SES Volunteers put into the local community.

On Monday 5 December, at a special breakfast function at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club the Mandurah SES was once again held in high regard for all of it’s work in assisting their local Community.  Deputy Manager, Phil Rance, was awarded Peel district volunteer of the year.   Mary-Therese Shanks was runner up in the youth award for the Peel district.

To top off Mandurah’s festivity season the unit has been informally advised that they will be moving into their new headquarters in January. These headquarters had officlally been opened in June this year

Gordon Hall presenting the Mandurah Unit with a plaque celebrating their forty years

Phil Rance receiving his award at the MOFSC.


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