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28/11/2016 – Kalbarri SES News November 2016

Operations attended in November 2016

Recovery in Kalbarri National Park:
Kalbarri SES members assisted in the recovery of a deceased person from a precipitous location in Kalbarri National Park. This operation involved members utilising vertical rope skills and equipment to successfully recover the deceased to a location where he could be removed by vehicle. While tasks such as this are unfortunate they are very necessary and SES members are well trained and equipped to deal with these situations.

Roof damage:
SES members attended a home in Kalbarri and carried out repairs to a roof damaged by strong winds.


Fire Bomber Loading:
SES has responsibility for arranging the filling of aircraft used to bomb bushfires. With the fire season upon us, Kalbarri SES volunteers attended training at Kalbarri Airport on October 29th and upgraded their skills in this area.

Operating Communications Equipment:
Members attended a course held at Carnarvon to learn the use of various communications equipment including VHF, UHF and HF radio equipment, setting up and operation radio repeater stations and using communications field equipment.

Vertical Rope Rescue:
In November, SES volunteers were joined by members of other Mid West/Gascoyne units to conduct a vertical rope rescue training excercise at Hawkes Head in Kalbarri National Park.

Fortnightly training:
Regular training is an important component of all SES units. Due to the diverse situations that volunteers attend and the wide range of equipment used members need to be up to date with information and skills.  Training includes topics such as life support, navigation, rescue techniques, ropes and knots, cliff rescue, storm damage, flood operations, flood boats, searches, communications and numerous other tasks. Volunteers also learn to use and maintain a large range of equipment from vehicles and boats to chainsaws and ropes.

Kalbarri SES holds training at Unit headquarters every 2nd Monday from 1845hrs to 2100hrs. The training is interactive with volunteers responding to various scenarios and developing and practising various response at Unit Headquarters, Magee Crescent.


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