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11/10/2016 – Fair Work Australia Bill 2016 Update

The Fair Work Australia (Respect for Emergency Services Volunteers) Bill 2016

The National SESVA has been working on a number of national matters which could affect all SES and other Volunteers.  The NSESVA had two representatives attend Parliament house in Canberra this week to lobby a number of parliamentarians during the final readings of the above bill.

There were representatives from a number of other areas including TAS RFS, CFA (VFBV), ACT RFS and the RFSA.  The NSESVA representatives spoke to a number of parliamentarians about the importance of the bill in providing a voice for volunteers.  Eventually a call was made for a vote and it was passed 37 to 31 just before 10pm on Monday.  This new piece of legislation now gives the Associations a say in industrial relations matters that may impact volunteers under the fair work act.  Effectively this should start to resolve the matters in Victoria and is a step in recognising the voice of the volunteer. 

The NSESVA would like to acknowledge the work that Andrew Ford and the Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria has done in this matter.  Attached is a photo taken of Volunteer representatives at Parliament House, Canberra at the end of the day. The link to the relevant part of Hansard is below;


Gordon Hall
SESVA (WA) President & NSESVA Deputy Chair.




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