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09/06/2016 – Hardship Scheme gets a boost

Hardship scheme for emergency services volunteers given boost
The Association congratulates Acton South West in Busselton for raising funds to donate to the Emergency Services Volunteers’ Hardship Scheme.   The scheme started in October last year to help emergency services volunteers who are in need of financial assistance when faced with times of hardship.  The fund provides relief to volunteers and their dependents and was designed to help cover basic living costs such as rent, food and bills.  It was setup for volunteers to meet living expenses because of unexpected or unforeseen events like loss of work, illness, relationship breakdowns, injury or emergency events.

The scheme is open to the WA Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, Volunteer Marine Rescue WA, SES Volunteers Association of WA, Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades and the Emergency Services Volunteers Association.  Under the scheme, $5000 of hardship assistance can be provided to eligible applicants to bridge the gap between changed circumstances and a return to normal life.

The WA government supported the scheme and provided a one of payment of $1 million which was used as start up capital which has been invested.
The earnings from interest are made available as grant money.  The scheme is a not for profit charitable organisation and people who would like to donate can visit

Pictured are Acton Busselton Director Jason Dragstra and City of Busselton’s CBFCO Allan Guthrie with the donation for the volunteers’ hardship fund._
This article appeared in the Busselton Mail on 23 May and can be accessed at… .
Source:  AVBFB web site


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