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04/03/2016 – Kalbarri SES News for March 2016

News from Kalbarri SES

Mac Holt reports that team building challenges on one training night – getting a team of 7 over the high bar, and using a stokes litter as a ‘sedan chair’ with 6 ‘blind’ slaves to traverse round an obstacle course – a fun way to challenge the senses. Other training sessions included checking out the revised D4’s ‘sweet spot’ and the waern radio course which would have been great to have when it was introduced. other activities included induction of new members, the weekend Regional Unit Leaders Workshop, building a new trailer for a new acquisition (more details in a month or so), SESVA and SESVAC attendance/contributions and weekly community fundraising  – made the month seem to go quickly.

Read the full report ====>Kalbarri-SES-report-2016-03.pdf