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21/12/2015 – Training at Northam SES

Northam SES Fire Bomber Training
Like most Emergency service groups and agencies, the State Emergency Service are rapidly approaching their high operational season, usually starting from late November / early December as festive celebrations begin and the weather warms up.  The high operational season puts all units including Northam’s local unit, Northam District State Emergency Service unit on heightened alert and a greater state of readiness and,as the warmer months encourage more people to venture outdoors giving rise to increased missing persons for which the unit aid police in finding, increased summer storms hit our town and shire, cyclones become more prevalent up north along our coastline, and bushfires for which we have a support role threaten to increase. In addition to this, SES are always ready for any other natural disasters to occur for which we must respond to including floods and earthquakes.

The unit trains all year round to develop, establish and improve key skills that ensures that members are fully capable of taking on the unit’s key operational roles and profiles, enabling us to provide help to our community when disaster hits.   As part of this preparation, the Northam District State Emergency Service unit recently attended a training afternoon pertaining to one of our bushfire support roles in water bomber reloading. 13 volunteers from the SES unit attended the training session, which consisted of both theory and practical elements in working in an aviation environment, communicating with pilots through hand signals and hooking up hoses and foam to be pumped by the aircraft to be used in the bushfire.

The Northam District SES unit are always looking for new members to join and encourage anyone interested in becoming a member to contact the unit via email or phone (email:  or phone: (0407 112 436). 

For any non-life threatening emergency calls pertaining to SES please call 132 500.

Some pictures taken during the training by Toni Miller.




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