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03/07/2015 – Kalbarri SES News for July 2015

News from Kalbarri SES for July 2015

Mac Holt from Kalbarri SES reports a water spout appeared just off the coast and caused damage to a property when it crossed land, resulting in a call-out to provide temporary repairs. Regular evening training was added to with a 3 day Regional Single Rope Rescue course.  Community activities were abundant this month with weekly fundraising, a visit by ‘Shine’ girls to promote confidence and trust as they had thrills and fun abseiling from our tower, and a riverside ‘Adopt-A-Spot’ cleanup with the community. After years of lobbying state and federal government have funded mobile phone coverage in Kalbarri National Park. This will result in reduced emergency notification times.

Read the full report ===>Kalbarri-SES-Report-2015-07 (1).pdf


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