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11/03/2015 – Breakin at Gosnells SES

Gosnells SES Breakin

It’s with regret that I  advise that once again the Gosnells SES Unit has been broken into and rescue equipment taken from a rescue trailer.  While I don’t have anything definite at this point, it appears that after 2300 on Monday evening, (after the BFB finished training) somebody came in through Kitson Place. They took a CoG trailer and helped themselves to our chainsaws & power tools from Rescue 2 Trailer. I do not know what else has been taken from the CoG.

I am grateful to Rod Wallington (CoG) and Jim for their efforts on Tuesday morning.  Over the next few days I will work with the City to organise. It will result in additional procedures for us, including the locking of all vehicle and trailers.  I agree this is very unfortunate however this will not affect our commitment to the community and should not affect your efforts to the Unit.

Your ongoing support and effort is appreciated, and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

With sincere thanks
Paul Hollamby
Local Manager
Gosnells State Emergency Service Unit
0409 110 571
PO Box 687
Gosnells WA 6990


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