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03/02/2015 – Have your Say


The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is Western Australia’s leading hazard management agency. DFES coordinates emergency services for a range of natural disasters and emergency incidents threatening life and property. It is supported by an extensive network of around 29 000 volunteers and 1 100 career firefighters.

Volunteers are integral to delivering fire and emergency services in Western Australia. Working for no financial payment, these individuals are often on the front line of defending and helping local communities against natural disasters and emergencies. Many of these volunteer groups are trained and supported by DFES.  The Office of the Auditor General will be conducting an audit where the objective is to examine whether DFES is effectively recruiting, preparing and supporting fire and emergency services volunteers.

This is a great opportunity for SES and other Volunteers to provide the feedback on these areas to assist the Auditor General on this current audit.  To help inform this audit, you are invited to complete a survey and have your say about your experiences as a volunteer.   All feedback is useful and will assist the Auditor General in writing a balanced report.   Complete your survey now at

The survey closes at 4pm on Friday 27 February 2015.

 If you would like to speak with someone specifically about the survey or the audit, please contact Caralene Moloney at the Office of the Auditor General on 08 6557 7500 or email
Gordon Hall
SES Volunteers Association



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