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08/01/2015 – A few thoughts on Volunteering

Volunteering involvement is NOT:

  • Free
  • A second choice
  • An alternative to adequate paid staffing
  • A low level management function that any body can do
  • A responsibility that can be done as an “ add on” to the job of an already overworked employee
  • “Womens work”

However it IS: Universal

  • As effective as the thought and effort put into it
  • Too often undervalued
  • A way to expand the talents and skills available to an organisation
  • Something that board, directors and managers need to consider

by – Susan J. Ellis

Susan J. Ellisis is the President of Energize, Inc., a training, consulting, and publishing firm that specializes in volunteerism. She founded the Philadelphia-based company in 1977 and since that time has assisted many clients to create or strengthen their volunteer corps. The year 2007 marked Energize’s 30th anniversary.  She is the author or co-author of eleven books. All her books can be found in the Energize Online Bookstore. From 1981 to 1987 she was Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Volunteer Administration. She has written more than 90 articles on volunteer management for dozens of publications and writes the national bi-monthly column, “On Volunteers,” for The NonProfit Times.  Susan is interested in new technology has taken Energize into cyberspace, where its innovative Web site has won international recognition as a premier resource for volunteer program leaders: She co-authored The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook, which is available in electronic form on the Energize Web site. In 2000, she and Steve McCurley launched the field’s first online journal, e-Volunteerism: The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community, for which she serves as editor.


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