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05/12/2014 Bunnings Fund Raiser

Bunnings Fund Raiser for Emergency Services

The SESVA has sent an email to all SES Units advising them that Bunnings will be supporting a number of emergency service Volunteer groups in January 2015.  The Bunnings Staff will be manning an Aussie Barbeque at all stores on Saturday 24 January 2015.  All funds raised will be going directly to support of local Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service Brigades, Groups or Units.  Each Bunnings store will choose which group they wish to support. Many stores have chosen to support more than one group.

As many Bunnings stores already have a strong relationship with their local emergency services groups, they will make contact with local group/s to inform them of their support and invite them to attend the BBQ.  If there is a Bunnings store in your area, you are encouraged to make contact with the local store management to discuss the possibility of your SES Unit being selected as a recipient of the Fundraising proceeds.

After the promotion, Bunnings will send the funds they raised for the SES to the SESVA for distribution in accordance with the list of participating SES Units. All funds for SES Units from Bunnings will go to the SES Units.  This is also an opportunity to work with the participating Bunnings stores and have a presence on the day. This can be in a number of ways and can be linked to an information night or as part of a recruitment drive.

Thank you Bunnings for supporting the SES Volunteers and their community.

Gordon Hall
SESVA President


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