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01/12/2014 – Vehicle news from Rockingham – Kwinana SES

Vehicle Changes for Rockingham-Kwinana SES

The Rockingham-Kwinana State Emergency Service is in the process of having some of its fleet upgraded and added to. This started with a new Personnel Carrier, to replace a current one, which was delivered on 25 November. The new PC comes with a number of up-grades compared to the previous unit. In December the Unit will be taking delivery of a new 10 seater bus which will enhance the transportation and operational needs of the Unit. It is expected that the new ATU will have completed its final DFES fit out and be delivered sometime in January. This will replace the Rockingham-Kwinana ATVs.

David Price
Deputy Manager   

Left to Right; Tim Lambert, Ian Renton, Raelene Keatly and Richard Peters


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