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10/10/2014 – Peer Support Applications Requested

DFES seeking applications for Volunteer Peer Support Officers

The SESVA has been working closely over the past months with DFES to ensure an effective Peer Support Program for SES Volunteers is put into place. DFES are now seeking applications from those interested in being Peer Support Officers.

  • Peer Support is a program aimed at enhancing and supporting the psychological and emotional resilience of the fire and emergency services community. This is achieved through a State-wide network of Peer Support Officers who will:
  • Act as a point of contact for all fire and emergency services employees, Volunteers and their partners/families who are identified as needing, or have requested, assistance.
  • Provide practical and confidential support.
  • Offer information on how to engage with appropriate health and well-being services.

Before the Program is officially open, DFES is inviting interested employees and Volunteers from all services and areas to apply to be a Peer Support Officer.

Further information on the Peer Support Program can be found at:

For clarification or further information please call  –  Charlotte Hunter, DFES Wellness Project Officer on 93959874

Gordon Hall
SESVA President


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