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08/10/2014 – DFES Thanks Giving Service

A Reminder for the Thanksgiving Service
Here is a reminder that the annual Thanksgiving Service is not far away. It’s time for quick action by units for planning participation.  The SES Volunteers are too often thinking more about others. The Thanksgiving Service is an opportunity for DFES Volunteers and staff to reflect upon the good work we do for our community and the reason why we do it.

The mingling with our emergency service colleagues, with the DFES hosted supper is only surpassed by watching the glorious sunset over Perth from the grounds of St Georges Cathedral. I find it great way to start a new week in my busy life.
Do yourself a favour, make the effort if you can, just like the two SES Volunteers who travelled all the way from Bunbury last year to participate.
Phillip Petersen ESM
SES Volunteer & SESVA Committee Member

Some pictures from last years service

Group pictures – Volunteers and staff

Some well known SES Volunteers enjoying a drink after the service


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