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22/09/2014 – Presidents Conference Report

The Fire and Emergency Services Conference
The annual conference is less than two weeks away and more than 130 SES Volunteers have registered from all over the state. In fact there is nearly 600 Emergency Response Volunteers registered.  A lot of hard work by all Volunteer Services and a number of DFES staff, in particular the Media and Public Affairs staff, put a lot of time and effort into organising this event.

This year there is a special “Orange” stream for SES Volunteers to attend, learn more and provide feedback to DFES and the SES Volunteers Association. They can also visit any other session they so desire.  DFES have also organised a smart phone app to assist during the Conference and this should be available for download a week before the conference. It has some very useful options.

The SES Program – in brief
Please note that all these presentations will take 15 minutes with an opportunity after the presentation for feedback and questions and answers.

  • SES Volunteer Pathways Training – Presenter Darren Klemm (AC Professional Development). Darren will cover the pathways for all SES Volunteer training.
  • Trainer Assessor – Presenter Stuart Wade (Superintendent Operational Delivery). Stuart will cover the progress, structure and program for all trainer/assessors.
  • Training Administration – Presenter Les Hayter (SESVA Chair of the Training Sub-Committee) will present on the requirements of administration of the Training function.
  • Emergency Services from a Youth Perspective – Presenters Melusha Robson, Sarah Thomas, Matt Hare and Karina Saunders. Melusha, Sarah and Matt have just returned from a World Youth Conference as part of the International Association for Volunteer Effort and will discuss what captures their interest and keeps them motivated in Emergency Services.
  • Unit Administration – Presenter Michelle Hall (Clubs Australia). Michelle the Incorporations act, Governance and responsibilities, by law, of Incorporated SES Units.
  • PPE Ordering and Issuing – Presenter Mark Feast (District officer Operational research). Mark will be talking about the ordering processes and issuing of equipment.
  • Vehicles and Equipment of the Future – Presenters Paul Carr and Graham Hardy. Paul and Graham will be talking about the future and where they DFES is going in regards to vehicles.
  • Vehicles and Equipment Open Forum – Presenter is David Price (SESVA Vehicles Sub-Committee Chair). David will conduct an open forum to receive feedback and questions on Vehicles and Equipment.

The SES Awards night will be in Ballroom 1 at the PCEC (At the time of writing there were a few tickets left so you would need to hurry if you haven’t got one)

On the Sunday the SESVA will conduct their AGM at 8.00am followed by some announcements.
At 9am the SESVA will conduct an open forum for SES Volunteers to provide feedback or ask questions on SES or DFES matters.
On the Sunday at 9.45am the Minister for Emergency Services will be delivering an official address.

The Minister’s address will be followed by other speakers and a live practical demonstration.  After lunch there are a number of other service non-specific sessions with the conference closing at 4.00pm. 

At lot of effort and organisation by DFES has gone into this Conference and we believe that a lot will be learnt by the SES Volunteers

See you there,
Gordon Hall
SESVA President
0427 002 702


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