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19/09/2014 – SESVA and DFES meet on Peer Support Issues

SESVA Discusses Peer Support with DFES
In a long meeting on Thursday night, Peer Support Team representatives Graham Fixter and Maree Brennen, and SESVA representatives, Phillip Petersen and Gordon Hall met with a number of DFES staff to discuss the Peer Support issues over a number of years, the current status and future of the SES Peer Support Team.  Many aspects were covered and a number of positive outcomes have been agreed to.
The main outcomes are:

  • The Peer Support Team is active,
  • DFES staff Steve Summerton and Allen Gale will work with DFES to ensure an effective activation process for the Peer Support Team be put into place by Operations Command as quickly as possible,
  • The current Peer Support Team will carry on in the interim until the new system is agreed to; and
  • A transition phase from the old system will take place as part of the implementation phase of the new system.

The SESVA and the Peer Support Team acknowledge that there have been obstacles, in particular government policy affecting recruitment of staff to assist DFES on this matter.  The SESVA commends the DFES team led by Anneliese Smith, including Charlotte Hunter, Ron Wingate, Steve Summerton and Allen Gale, in listening and committing to making changes to ensure the Peer Support Team can operate immediately and effectively in their support of SES Volunteers throughout Western Australia.

Gordon Hall