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25/07/2014 – SESVA – AGM 2014

To all SES Units

The Annual General Meeting of the above Association will be conducted as follows;

DATE OF AGM:                     5th October 2014

LOCATION:                          Meeting Room 7, DFES Conference, Perth Convention Centre.

TME:                                    0800hrs (8am)

The following information is provided in the AGM Pack

  • Notice of 2014 Annual General Meeting
  • Call for Agenda Items
  • Nominations for Vacancies

AGM Pack  – 2014 SESVA AGM Call for agenda items and nominations.pdf

Your consideration and action on these matters is important and appreciated.  Should you have any queries  in relation to these matters, please contact SESVA Secretary, Lin Booth.

Mob:  0428 612 480

From the President Gordon Hall

This is the time of the year for all SES Units and Volunteers to reflect and decide if there are any special matters to be bought up at the AGM as well as a number of vacancies that need filling on the Committee.  Please be aware that there will be an open forum, separate to the AGM, at the conference for SES Volunteers to give feedback on all matters pertaining to them.  At the last Conference we conducted a Volunteer Opinion Survey and since sharing this with FES Commissioner Gregson he has requested we conduct another to compare results on the performance and service delivery by DFES.  We will be conducting this at 9am on the Sunday morning at the Open Forum (Volunteers only)


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