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17/03/2014 – National Emergency Services Training Officers Conference

NESTOC 2014 – National Emergency Services Training Officers Conference

Hobart – Tuesday September 30th to Friday October 3rd 2014

Who should attend?    Anyone, Volunteer and Career who are delivering and assessing and/or managing training and assessment within the Emergency Services Sector (Public Safety, Health, etc….).   There is a very diverse group expected to attend going by previous years details.  It’s not a huge crowd but a passionate one!  There will be some very interesting topics addressed by the various guest speakers over the core days of the event.  There will be good opportunities to network on day one at the ‘welcome’ session and during the breakout sessions on days 2 and 3.  On day 4 we let you loose to see some worthwhile demonstrations and some activities and see the sights of good old Hobart.   I also believe a famous local brewery features for with a special event and maybe a meal and guided tour!

Speakers are almost locked in by now and the venues have been checked for suitability.   The event is being sponsored by the Tasmanian Police and Fire agencies and we will be using both Training Academies to host various aspects of the program.  In Tasmania SES come under the Police Service as they once did in Western Australia, so SES will be present and in good numbers!  I will disclose that I am a keen supporter of these types of networking events and have offered my services this year to assist the NESTOC committee with preparations and connections to people and resources within SES nationally and emergency services in WA.

I hope to see many WA emergency services personnel attend as we did a few years ago when FESA supported the attendance of 3 or 4 training centre personnel to the same event in Sydney, from memory.  There is an equivalent event held on the NESTOC off years in NZ (EMQUAL) which has proved a huge success with emergency services personnel from both Australia and New Zealand and indeed Australasia.

For those who are considering attendance just some additional information I sourced last night on internet flights to Hobart (via Virgin and Jetstar and cost around $560 return).  Accommodation is mentioned on the website and I have myself had recent bookings at The Old Woolshed and it was great.  The hotels which have specials on at the time of the NESTOC event are listed on the NESTOC website and start at $165 up to $205 per night. 

Website, facebook and mobile phone ‘app’ available for viewing right now!  Website:

Facebook:   Application (App):

If anyone would like further information flick me an email  or call me on 0455 243 602.

Good luck with training everyone!

Les Hayter ESM
Training Committee Chair


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