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04/03/2014 – SES Volunteers honour past Director

SES Volunteers Honour Past Director
More than 30 SES Volunteers and ex staff of the State Emergency Service attended the funeral of past Regional Director Nial Wilmot.  Nial was a highly regarded and well respected leader and friend to many SES Volunteers in the South West of the state as well as a colleague to many ex staff.  Nial trained, coached and mentored many of the SES Volunteers in rescue and other emergency management areas. Some of these Volunteers have gone on to become career officers within the Emergency Services sector.
Nial’s professionalism and unselfish approach to assisting the SES Volunteers and community during natural or man-made disasters was second to none. His style of leadership changed the way the SES did business in the South West to one of professional teams operating to very high standards.  Nial had joined the WA SES in the mid-1980s and retired in the early 2000s.  The Eulogy was given by Nial’s brother-in-law and gave a good overview of his military and family life.  Nial will be remembered by many SES Volunteers and staff for many years to come.  May he rest in peace

Group picture of SES Volunteers who attended the funeral


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