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13/02/2014 – No more Khaki Uniforms for SES Volunteers


DFES has advised at least one SES Unit, that they cannot have any Khaki Uniforms for SES Volunteers.  A local Manager (very frustrated) has advised that he placed a request to the DFES District Officer for khaki uniforms for a number of his members.  He had been advised that the DO passed the request to the Chief Superintendent for approval and the request was denied.  The reason this time is due to budgetary constraints. Other excuses for not issuing jumpers in the past have included “it isn’t winter so you cannot order a jumper”.

SES Volunteers have work PPE overalls which are for their dirty and rough jobs such as chain sawing, climbing on roofs and other works areas that require this type of protection.  Khakis are required for many other situations such as working in the office or command centres, attending Local Government or DFES functions, participating in ANZAC day marches, funerals and church services.

It is totally inappropriate to wear the work oranges in these situations.  By restricting the SES Volunteers to only their work uniform is unfair and unnecessary. 

Local Manager Name and unit withheld by request

The SESVA would like to hear from any other units who have similar problems.  Please feed any uniform issues to the Association at


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