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10/01/2014 – ACSES – Failing SES Volunteers

Australian Council of State Emergency Services – Failing SES Volunteers
Across the nation there is a group representing the State Emergency Services (SES) nationally.  It is called the Australian Council of State Emergency Services (ACSES).  The SESVA have found that this organisation has become dysfunctional and is not providing the service it should to the SES.  SESVA President, Gordon Hall, has done some recent research into this and outlines a number of pertinent points including the recommendation by ACSES that SES week be replaced by a one day function.
Gordon outlines some of the issues and mentions the fact that even the training sub-committee appears to have fallen apart and the states/territories appear to be going down their own paths with no national coordination to provide an effective and consistent training system with an Emergency Service focus for SES Volunteers.

View the Presidents full statement ====>Australian Council of State Emergency Services.pdf