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03/12/2013 – SESVA meets with Commissioner


As the number of issues being reported by SES Volunteers to the SESVA was mounting up and any action to resolve seemed to be very slow, the SESVA requested an urgent meeting with the DFES Commissioner.  Commissioner Gregson granted a meeting and SESVA representatives, Lin Booth, Bernie McNamara and myself, met with him on Monday afternoon.

The meeting with the Commissioner was very positive and a very fair hearing was given on a number of internal issues within DFES.  There was much discussion as each issue was explained. Over 40 pages of supporting information was tabled by the SESVA.  As a result of this meeting DFES will be compiling an action table of all the issues raised by the SESVA and will be tracking progress of these issues.

DFES will be reporting to the SESVA from time to time on the progress of issues listed on the action table. The SESVA will report to Volunteers this progress from time to time.  In closing I would like it noted that Commissioner Gregson was very positive towards the SES Volunteers and their issues and sounded quite sincere in wanting to assist us in overcoming issues within DFES that affect service delivery by the SES Volunteers.

Gordon Hall
SESVA President


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