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18/11/2013 – Communication with the SESVA

The SES Volunteers Association is run by SES Volunteers and has a number of forms of Communications with the Volunteers and Units generally.  These include the web site, Facebook, an opt-in email list and direct mail and emails.  The main form of direct communication should be between the SESVA Regional Representative and the Unit or Volunteers in that region.

The Regional Representative is nominated and elected (where there is more than one nomination) by the Units in the region. Where there has been no nomination the SESVA can co-opt a person to do that role.  In a number of regions the communication between the Regional Representative and the Units and Volunteers has been very good however in some areas it has been poor or non-existent.  Email lists for SES Units are usually provided by DFES to the Association and some regional representatives have been able to update these.
Since the end of October the Association has been reviewing a number of practices and this includes;

  • Setting a guide for the Regional Representatives to work by,
  • Encouraging the Reps to contact the Units on a regular basis,
  • Requesting the Reps provide a monthly one page news sheet to the units to keep them abreast of what is happening
  • Requesting the Reps provide a cc of all correspondence to the SESVA Secretary so he can provide further information where required
  • Requesting the Reps provide an update on Unit email addresses that have changedIf the Regional Representatives do this (and some are actively doing it this week) then we can go a long way to increasing the effectiveness of communication with the Units and Volunteers

If a Unit feels they are not getting the appropriate communication then they should make contact with the SESVA Secretary to get the matter resolved .  Please remember we are all Volunteers and communications is two way. 

Further to the above, the purpose of the SES Volunteers Association Facebook page is to provide information amongst Volunteers and there is a code of practice that all are expected to use. It is not a venue to start addressing matters to particular Committee Members.

If any SES Units change their email address or want to add another please advise the SESVA Secretary as soon as possible so the email lists can be updated
Please contact any of us if you are having a communication issue so we can work through it.  You can send copies of your letters or correspondence direct to the SESVA Secretary (

Also the SESVA Executive will be having a Strategic Planning Meeting this week to plan out a number of matters for the future and communications will be one of the items discussed.  Meanwhile have fun and stay safe

Gordon Hall
SESVA President


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