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11/11/2013 – SESVA Meeting November 2013

SESVA Committee Meeting – 4 November 2013

The President Gordon Hall opened the meeting and in attendance or on teleconference were; Dave Beard (VP), John Capes (Treasurer), Lin Booth (Secretary), Regional Reps Jen Chalmers, John Capes, Bernie McNamara, Phillip Petersen, David Price, Chloe Biggs, Keith Squibb, Aaron Hall and Kylie Griffin. Apologies were received from Lloyd Storey and Chris Widmer.

Nominations for Committee Vacancies were considered and all positions filled (see end for list of Committee)

A list of correspondence was tabled which included;

  • Letters to DFES Commissioner re issues with trucks (safety and delivery of), regional issues including non-payment of SES Volunteer for authorised travel to a course, SES Volunteers banned from delivering or receiving training out of their region, and about doing business better;
  • Letter to the Minister regarding the DFES conference and the advantages of having this annually
  • Letter from the Premier in answer to the SESVA letter regarding LG amalgamations.
  • The Treasurers report included the fact that the Woolworths grant money had now been distributed to all Units who applied and the feedback has been very positive.
  • The Presidents report included a number of items that the Association will be working through over the coming year;
  • SES VAC – The Volunteer Advisory Committee submissions are progressing to cabinet for approval
  • Operational Efficiency Payments – The SESVA has put a business proposal to DFES for consideration for SES Units – similar to VFRS and FES Units

Items raised at the meeting included:

  • Volunteer Liaison Officers (VLOs) DFES is progressing this and when finalised we expect to advertise for a pool of Volunteers to fill this role
  • Fuel Cards – The SESVA is providing input to DFES for this Royalties for Regions scheme
  • SESVA Secretariat – ready to progress from 1 January 2014 – may be slowed down due to outside influences
  • There is a Volunteer appointed to all positions within the SESVA committee
  • A meeting timetable is being developed – the Committee now wants to meet on a Thursday night Some meetings will be by teleconference only
  • A meeting is being schedule each month with DFES Operations Command to provide feedback and discuss SES issues
  • A set of SES VA Rep guidelines was tabled which all Committee members agreeing to follow
  • The Strategic Plan for the next two years was tabled – there are currently 13 items on this
  • The Volunteer Opinion Survey from the DFES Conference was tabled and will be used during discussions with DFES
  • Training issues – The VA has met with DFES to discuss a pathways for SES Volunteers and DFES are putting together a plan for consideration
  • Training nominal hours – feedback on this from Volunteers is now being received
  • National SES VA – The President attended a meeting to discuss formation of a national Association The VA will be reviewing all sub-committee reps over the coming months

Other matters from the meeting:

  • Updating of the website will commence now all appointments have been finalised
  • Operation Hydro has ceased to exist.
  • The next Calendar is in progress
  • The lack of SES Vehicle Livery (SES Striping etc) is now being questioned by the Volunteers
  • DFES are trialling gloves for rescue (as used by SES Victoria)

List of SESVA Committee Members 2013-14
President                Gordon Hall
Vice President         Dave Beard
Secretary                Lin Booth
Treasurer                John Capes
Editor/Webmaster   John Capes
South Coastal         Kylie Griffin
South East              Phillip Petersen
North East              B McNamara
North Coastal        Jen Chalmers
Midlands                David Price
Kimberley              Trevor Paton
Pilbara                    Keith Squibb
Goldfields               Aaron Hall
Midwest                  Lloyd Storey
Great Southern       Chloe Biggs
Lower South West   Brian Renehan (Blue)
South West             Chris Widmar


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