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17/10/2013 – Training Issues


At the DFES conference the Association received a lot of feedback about a number of SES Volunteer issues.
During the DFES Volunteer Conference in September, the Association held an open forum of SES Volunteers.  During this open forum the Association conducted a Volunteer Opinion Survey of the Volunteers in attendance. The feedback was very clear in a number of areas, in particular training.   In general terms a high percentage of Volunteers indicated that they were confused with the new scheme for training and could not see a clear way forward.
Soon after this the Association Secretary had some informal talks with Brad Delavale (A/Chief Superintendent Professional Development) on a pathway for the SES Volunteers that would be both easily understood and achievable.
On October 16, Phillip Petersen, David Price and Gordon Hall met with Brad and his team to have a discussion on a pathway for SES Volunteers.

This was a strategic meeting to determine the best way to map the training for the Volunteers and at the same time meet certain requirements as a Registered Training Organisation.  A number of points were discussed including;
1.    The provision of about 4 or 5 streams for the SES roles or core areas,
2.    Insignias to show a qualification for a role or core area,
3.    How nominal hours could be easily managed.

Brad Delavale’s team has now gone away to put the courses into streams and will bring back a first draft by mid-November for discussion by the SESVA.
There are a number of other issues for training which the SESVA has arranged a meeting with DFES’s Darren Klemm (Assistant Commissioner, Professional Development).
David Price and Gordon Hall will be attending this meeting next week to discuss other training issues that the SES Volunteers have advised the Association of and need to be addressed.

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