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05/10/2013 – Dunsborough Emergency Serices Expo

Emergency Services Expo at Dunsborough

On Saturday 5 October the Emergency Services Expo at Dunsborough was held.  Many of the Volunteer Emergency Services from around the region attend the Expo to display their vehicles, equipment and do some demonstrations.

The vehicles and equipment were set up, however the mid morning front that came through the South West destroyed the awning of the ICV.   Peter Stark, (ICV Chief) was on hand to demonstrate the various aspects of the ICV.  Further to this the Busselton SES was unable to do their demonstration of storm damage repair due to the weather conditions.

The pictures show the Busselton ICV (minus the awning), the Busselton SES vehicle and trailer, the other Busselton vehicle and three of the volunteers, Mikayla Scatttini, Mr X and Brad Schmidt.

Reported by Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall
SES Volunteers Association
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